1550nm laser bean scan on the surface of skin with fractional way, forming a microscopic thermal zone, the area of skin isn’t scanned as a heat diffusion area, reducing the damage of skin.

1550nm laser works on target issues accurately, heats the water of dermis’ collagen tissues, laser’s heat effect promotes collagen regeneration, the volume of collagen is increasing and ordering, then increasing the elasticity of skin, improving skin condition.

These areas as a repairing center after treatment, through human’s skin wound healing mechanism, promoting epidermis growing and healing, leather fiber thickening, skin improving comprehensively.

√ Better wavelength, easier be absorbed by skin;

√ Wider usage, suitable to all skin color patients;

√ Better result, no side-back, faster resume, less pigmentation;

√ No accessional light transfers channels (such as fiber).

√ Korea imported seven joints articulated arm designing, more stable output and more convenient for the treatments.

√ Big spot size, 1 -9mm adjustable, faster on treatment; 

√ Simple operation, easy to manage it.

Laser TypeErbium Yag Laser
Laser Wavelength2940nm
Operating modepulse mode
Display10 inch color touch screen
Output energy:100-1500mj
Pulse width170-250us
Spot size:1-9mm adjustable
Output Power2000W
Beam transport device7-joints articulated arm
Net Weight60KG
Gross Weight80KG
VoltageAC 220V±10% 50Hz


AC 110V±10% 60Hz

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