Work Theory

The energy of Q-switched Nd:YAG laser can be absorbed by pigment of target tissue like tattoo, speckle, birthmark and so on.

The pigment will be fragmented so small that they can be metabolized by the lymphatic system or egested out of the body. Thus, the tattoo or other pigmentations will be removed without damage to normal tissue. The treatment is safe and convenient without downtime or side effects.

5 kinds of treatment heads, including 532nm lens, 1064nm lens, non-scar 532nm lens, non-scar 1064nm lens, 1320nm carbon peel lens, 755nm fractional lens, comprehensively cover the treatment needs of various treatment projects.

1064nm& 532nm lens

1064nm& 532nm lens are mainly used for the removal of various pigments, including various tattoo, eye-brow tattoos, epidermal spots and dermal spots.

Non-scar 1064nm &532nm lens

Less skin lesion than normal 1064nm and 532nm lens when do the tattoo or eyebrow tattoos removal.

Carbon laser facial peel

A carbon laser facial peel is a revolution laser treatment that is completed painless. It is highly beneficial for people with ant of following skin issues: Oil skin Blackheads Enlarged pores Dull skin Acne across the face and body

755nm fractional lens

The fractional lens is used reduce the time to allow interaction of the laser beam with the skin. As an increased exposure can damage the skin as well. Laser energy provides quick recovery of the damaged tissues and enhances the skin surface by fixing the internal pattern. It’s also an excellent way to exfoliate and refresh your skin providing an instant refreshed appearance leaving the skin feeling softer, smoother and firmer.

Model NO.:

Dr. Eager




10.4”colo touch screen

Pulse Energy


Spot Size


Pulse Width



1-10Hz adjustable

Aiming Beam

632nm red infrared guide light

Cooling Systems

Radiator Cooling+ Air Cooling + Close Water Circulation



Dimension (L*W*H)



AC220V/110V 10A 50/60HZ

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