The Alexandrite laser hair treatment focuses a wavelength of energy (755nm) on the area being treated. These intense pulses of light destroy individual hair follicles without significantly affecting the surrounding tissue. While a procedure like electrolysis penetrates the skin with a thin metal probe to halt the growth of individual follicles, the Alexandrite laser procedure is less invasive and less painful and can target a larger area during each session.

√ Hair Removal: permanent hair reduction on all skin types

√ Pigmented Lesions: sun spots, aged spots, freckles, melasma

√ Vascular Lesions: hemangiomas, venous lakes

The highest technic for hair removal, especial for light color hair.

Suitable to all kinds of skin color people.

Comfortable, no pain, no scar in treatment.

Easy and fast treatment, no down time.

CE approval.

755nm Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Machine

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