SHR IPL, The Most Convenient And Easy Treatment. It Is Said Lunch Treatment.

As the most popular treatment, IPL machine is super good for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne therapy, freckle removal, skin whitening, pore shrinking, etc. Meanwhile it is very safe, painless, and quick.

As “Lunch Beauty” skin care project, IPL skin rejuvenation is the best choice.

Someone may have the doubt that a few mints treatment whether really solve the skin problem?

Here we list the most important questions you may care:

1) If I just 2 wavelengths, is it worthy for me?

Which wavelengths should be used? It depends on the skin problem. If superpose many unnecessary wavelengths may have the risk of burn skin. The professional doctor or beautician select the most suitable wavelengths according to the difference of customers’ skin.

2) How long the result by IPL treatment can keep?

As the basic skin care item, the skin rejuvenation treatment by IPL can keep 3~5 months. It makes the skin soft and supple. The care after treatment is very important, especially sunblock and moisturizing work. It affects the treatment result. Otherwise, the pigment may appear again.

3) How often for the treatment?

Normally once a month.

Gema is very good for epidermis skin problem, such as chloasma and acne pigment. Normally we can take IPL and AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) or hyaluronic acid treatment together. This will bring a better result.
So regards the wavelength, the parameters and the treatment period should be taken, doctor will make the most suitable plan according to each customer’s skin.

4) Why the period for most treatments is one month?

Just because the period for the cell from growth till metabolic exfoliation is 28 days. The new cell from basal layer to stratum lucidum is 14 days. The period for cuticle from growth till falling off is 14 days. So, the period for IPL treatment is 28 days. Need leave enough time for the skin regeneration and repairing. Otherwise, the skin may become sensitivity.

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