How does cryotherapy air cooling machine work

Skin Cooling machine uses the most advanced Germany’s refrigeration technology, the internal cooling system intakes air directly and exhausts cold air at the proper temperature which sprays on the treatment areas of the patient, in order to cool the skin and prevent from skin burns.

√ Low noise& temperature: Imported Japanese compressors and independent nose reduction system bring -25Cº super low temperature and low noise.

√ Strong comfort: Continuously provide cold protection o the epidermis, protect the epidermis from thermal damage caused by photothermal action, protect the epidermis, reduce pain and not damage the epidermis. Therefore, make high energy destiny on the target tissue.

√ Wide application: The skin cold machine is wide used before, during or after all kind treatments which may feel pain, hot, redness, such as treatments by q switch nd yag laser, CO2 laser, diode laser, IPL OPT, and RF etc.

Laser sourceCryotherapy air skin cooling system
Temperature range-4℃~-25℃(adjustable)
Fan speed1~9 (adjustable)
Treatment Tube2.5 meter
Fuse supporterDimension of system
Safety Class:EN60601-1, Type B MDD/MPG, Class I
Controlling screen2.4-inch multi color touch screen
Fuse supporter3 joint supporters
Voltage110V/240V    50Hz/60Hz

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