What's Breast Enlargement Device?

This is a very effective unit for breast enlarger and care, with functions of vacuum and release, vibration massage.

Vacuum and release with special massage by hand is the basic and effective way for breast enlarger. Mechanical massage can lift and enhance breast well. Besides, the vacuum function allows doing lymphatic drainage, blackhead suction, buttocks lifting and so on by special cups.

Physical therapy, stimulating pituitary to excrete hormone, improve elasticity of muscle tissue and fabric function, making breast elastic and smooth, Breast enlarging, breast lifting, shaping rectifying, effect is quick and steady.

√ Vacuum & release for breast

√ Enlargement and nipple care

√ Massage for breast lift and

√ Enhancement

√ Lymphatic drainage

√ Blackhead suction

√ Buttocks lifting

√ Pure physical therapy, safety, effectiveness, non-pain, non- wound, no side effect;

√ Wide usage for breast, buttocks enlargement and lifting, lymphatic drainage and facial skin care;

√ No need of special care after treatment;

√ Comfortable, non-invasive and no downtime

√ A wide range of applications for clinics and beauty salons.

Operating Screen:Digital Controlling
VacuumBreast Vacuum massage
Vacuum modes



Breast Augmentation / Cell activation / Pulsed / BIO movement / Massage mode
Breast cup6 for breast care / 8 for facial care / 2 for body care
Light:633nm red infrared light
Microcurrent modeCW/Pulse mode



Gross weight:58kgs
Dimension90cm x 50cm x28cm
Electrical voltage:110VAC-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz

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