The New Star Of Anti – Wrinkle – 3D HIFU

Which technology for anti-wrinkle is the most popular one?

HIFU, no doubt is the answer.

What is HIFU?

Hifu is called high intensity focused ultrasound. It is able to focus ultrasound to penetrate skin into SMAS layer without any damage. SMAS is the place where collagen grows and combines. Hifu stimulates the regrowth and recombination of collagen, thus it can achieve good results for wrinkle removal. Hifu achieve really noninvasive and non-surgical treatment.

What’s more, it can also decrease the fat on face, shape face contour, make your skin elastic and tighten.


What is HIFU for?

1. Skin Lifting

Lift and tight skin tissue of neck, chin, cheek and forehead, lift lines of eye skin.

2.Wrinkle Removal

Eliminate wrinkle of neck, forehead, Marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and wrinkle around eyes.

3.Skin Texture Improve

Reshape the chin line, rebuild your beauty and skin elasticity.

4.Facial Outline Reshape

Reshape the chin line, rebuild your beauty and skin elasticity.

What’s the difference between the 3 HIFU cartridges?

There are 3pcs HIFU cartridges: 1.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.5mm

3 HIFU cartridges

Different cartridges are focused on 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm the exact depth under skin respectively.

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